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Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Hire

1. Terms. All terms are per week (unless your booking is for one of our short stay holidays) and is for the Bungalow or Chalet  as equipped and described in the brochure information. Your  take-over time is 2 p.m. (subject to unavoidable delays) You must leave the accommodation by 10 a.m. and you are expected to leave everything clean and tidy,you will be held responsible to make good or pay for any damage to the accommodation or fittings.  If accommodation is left in an unsatisfactory condition we reserve the right to refuse a further holiday booking.

2. We ask you not to arrive before the time stated on your final receipt,  If you do take over the accommodation before the normal time without checking with us first Blue Riband cannot be held responsible for the condition of your accommodation, it is therefore in your own interest not to arrive before the stated time.

3. Booking Contract. Once a booking has been made the deposit paid is for that holiday only and a conformation receipt will be issued for that booking. Deposits are non-refundable, if a change cannot be avoided only 50% of the deposit can be transfered to the new booking date or location. However if a two week booking is shortened to just one week the deposit for the cancelled week is not transferrable to the one week remaining.

4, All persons in your party must be entered on the booking formand detials of pets you wish to bring. Blue Riband Holidays reserve the right to refuse persons or pets not entered on booking form.

5, Blue Riband holidays guarantee the price of your holiday at the time of booking, there will be no surcharges added. The only exception would be due to a change in the rate of VAT. which is included in all our prices where applicable. The price would be adjusted to the rate applicable at the time of your holiday. 

6. Wheelchair/Disabled Persons. Most of the locations and holiday accommodation featured in our brochure is unsuitable for holidaymakers with mobility difficulties. If your party includes people with special needs, please discuss these special needs fully with Blue Riband Holidays before making your booking. Will the person with special needs have someone competent to attend to them during their holiday?

7.We regret that bookings from groups of either young women or young men cannot be accepted.

8. Should the accommodation required not be available when the deposit and booking forms are received, we will endeavour to offer an alternative choice, should this not be acceptable the deposit will be refunded in full.

9. AVAILABILITY. The booking is made on the understanding that the accommodation  will be placed at your disposal on the date stated. Should this not be possible, through circumstances not under the control of the owner, (e.g. fire theft or damage) we cannot guarantee to provide an alternative property , in which case all monies paid shall be refunded in full, but the hirer shall have no further claim against Blue Riband Holidays. Blue Riband Holidays endeavour to ensure the availability of amenities in it's brochure, but shall not be liable in respect of their non-availability .

10 Blue Riband Holidays shall not be liable for the death of, or injury to any person on holiday , in or visiting Blue Riband accommodation, or for any loss of or damage to the property of any such person, however any such death, injury , loss or damage may be caused.

11. We will always try our best to ensure you will have a peaceful holiday, however Blue Riband Holidays shall not be held responsible for any noise or disturbance from a neighbouring or adjoining prperty which is not under the direct control of Blue Riband Holidays.

12, Unreasonable behaviour,
Blue Riband holidays will not allow antisocial behaviour to compromise the enjoyment of other holiday makers in adjoining or nearby holiday homes. Loud music, barking dogs left unattended, or unacceptable noise levels especially late at night. If bad behaviour persists you may be asked to leave the park by the managment of that park.

13, Area maps shown in the brochure are not drawn to scale and are intended only as a guide to help you choose your accommodation.

14 Smoking : we have decided that our accommodation will now be non smoking units. Most persons who smoke are very reasonable and smoke outside their holiday home.

15,Travelling to your holiday destination is the responsibility of the hirer. Blue riband Holidays are not responsible for any problems you may have with travel arrangements. I.E weather conditions. fuel problems, vehicle breakdowns etc., Monies paid cannot be refunded or transferred to another date or holiday. 

Your Holiday Cancellation Plan

Once a booking has been made a legal contract exists which makes you liable for the full cost of the accommodation regardless of the reason for your cancellation, this is only fair to the owners of the accommodation.  Blue Riband Holidays operate a very good value Cancellation Plan at a cost of only £5 or £10 per week booked.  This will relieve of some of the worry if you have to cancel for one of the these qualifying reasons:-

illness, injury death or maternity, or illness of any member of your party.  The death, serious injury or illness of a close relative.  No refunds can be considered without a full medical certificate, applies to all cases. 
Please note illness to a pet  is not covered by the scheme

Charges for the Cancellation Plan

For Hire charges up to £260 the charge is £5, for Hire charges £260 and above the charge is £10.  The deposit or initial charge is £45 per week booked, the appropriate Cancellation Plan Charge must be added making your initial payment £50 or £55 depending on the hire charge.

The cancellation plan terminates seven days before your holiday is due to commence.  If you have to cancel for one of the qualifying reasons up to that date you will receive a full refund of your holiday money less the deposit and Cancellation Plan payment which are not refundable.  Once we get into the 7 day period before your holiday refunds are dependant on the accommodation being re-let.  It is to your advantage to give us the earliest possible warning of a cancellation to enable us to try and re-let the accommodation  Tell us firstly by telephone but this must be backed up by a first class letter or in an e mail.

Cancellation Plan cover is a requirement for every booking,
the only exception is if you have your own holiday insurance cover which must equal or exceed the cover offered in our Cancellation Plan.  We must see a copy of the policy. If your reason for cancelling is not covered by the plan we will do our best to re-let the accommodation, if successful we will be able to make a refund.  If for any reason a booking is made without cancellation cover no refunds can be made.
Please note this is a cancellation plan and does not cover curtailment of a holiday.